Paradise Highway

Sally (Juliette Binoche) is a 50-something truck driver who lives for three things: herself, the road, and her incarcerated brother Dennis (Frank Grillo). That sibling affection has caused her involvement in the smuggling of illicit cargo to prevent him from being harmed while locked up, but there’s only a few days left on his sentence and one last job to do. When Sally discovers her final package is Leila(Hala Finley), a 12-year-old girl, her motivations and conscience are challenged as she tries to do right between the sibling she has long tried to protect and the child who needs protecting right now. With both the FBI (Morgan Freeman) and the sex traffickers on their tail, every truck stop has life-threatening potential for the pair. As they embark on their dangerous road trip, a bond grows between Sally and Leila, forcing the trucker to reckon with some harrowing truths.

Credits & Cast


Anna Gutto


Claudia Bluemhuber
Georgia Bayliff
Michael Leahy


Juliette Binoche
Frank Grillo
Cameron Monaghan
Hala Finley
Veronica Ferres
Christiane Seidel
and Morgan Freeman