Set in a time of bitter civil war, IRONCLAD is based on the true story of the longest and bloodiest sieges in British history, with rebel men fighting to the death, defending the very principles of the Magna Carta: liberty and justice for all.

It is the year 1215 and the rebel barons of England have forced their despised King John to put his royal seal to the Magna Carta, a noble, seminal document that upheld the rights of free men.

Yet within months of pledging himself to the great charter, the King reneged on his word and hired an army of bloodthirsty foreign mercenaries on the south coast of England with the intention of bringing the barons and the country back under his tyrannical rule.

Yet barring his way stood the mighty Rochester castle, a place that would become the symbol of the rebel’s momentous struggle for justice and freedom. On discovering King John’s plans, the rebel barons hastily recruit a small band of knights to defend the castle from the King’s army. Among them is Marshal, a Templar Knight and crusader. Indoctrinated in the ways of a warrior priest, Marshal is also a man with a tormented conscience who has begun to question his vows. At Rochester, Marshal meets Isabel, a young wife of the Castle Sheriff. Through her he discovers a yearning for a life he had all but given up on. A chance to escape the warrior in himself he has grown to despise.

King John’s mercenaries blockade the castle and embark upon a series of sieges as they attempt to take back the impregnable fortress. Inside the five-meter thick stonewalls Marshal and the other Knights use all their courage to thwart back each attack. There are ten of them on the inside and five hundred on the outside, and soon, a lack of food, fatigue and fear break them one by one. The massive stone keep becomes their tomb. Catapults hurl huge boulders at the castle and finally the stone keep comes crashing down. The mercenaries come pouring through and Marshal and the remaining Knights fight for their lives in a final bloodthirsty battle...

Credits & Cast
Director Jonathan English
Producers Rick Benattar
Jonathan English
Andrew Curtis
Cast James Purefoy
Kate Mara
Paul Giamatti