Killing Bono

Neil McCormick, a punk schoolboy in Dublin in the 1970s, wants to be famous. More than famous, he’s certain his destiny is to be a Rock God. Neil and his brother Ivan have it all worked out: the albums, the stadium concerts, the quest for world peace. There’s only one thing they hadn’t counted on. The boy sitting on the other side of the classroom has plans of his own. And his name is Bono. When Ivan auditions for Bono’s new band, U2, Neil feels betrayed. So when Bono tells Neil that they want Ivan to be their guitarist Neil makes an executive decision that will change his and Ivan’s life forever. He tells Bono that his brother isn’t interested…

As U2 soar into the stratosphere, the McCormick brothers gig in strip clubs and smoky bars to enthusiastic audiences mostly made up of their own family. Coming agonizingly close to stardom a number of times their fortunes are somehow always thwarted, usually by Neil’s uncanny ability to make spectacularly bad decisions such as turning down the chance to be on U2’s label…and sleeping with the wife of the record exec just about to sign them.

One fateful day in 1985 LiveAid confirms to the brothers that their school friends have somehow become the biggest band in the world. Shite.

Neil finally realises that he is no longer seeking success for himself. He owes it to his brother to succeed to make up for denying him his place in U2. A secret that is bound to come to light sooner or later...

Based on Neil McCormick’s autobiography, Killing Bono a funny, raucous, heartbreaking celebration of brotherly love and the glory of failure, set to a sing-along 70’s and 80’s soundtrack. But most of all it is a valuable lesson in how not to become a rock star.

Credits & Cast
Director Nick Hamm
Producers Ian Flooks
Mark Hufham
Piers Tempest
Cast Charlie Cox
Robert Sheehan
Romola Garai
Bill Nighty
Pete Postlethwaite