Fallen (TV Series)

Fallen follows the story of Luce, a young woman who is sent to a cult-like rehab facility called Sword & Cross to serve time for a crime she can’t remember committing.

Among the other residents, she encounters the enigmatic Daniel (Gijs Blom) and exasperating but irresistible Cam (Timothy Innes), all of whom are under the watchful eye of the sinister chief doctor Howson (Alexander Siddig), and devout twin sisters Miriam and Sophia (Sarah Niles). Luce must untangle the mystery of who she is and why she has a connection to Daniel that goes far back beyond their time in the institution.

Fallen is created by Claudia Bluemhuber of Silver Reel and directed by Matt Hastings (“The Handmaid’s Tale”). The series is written by Rachel Paterson (“Domina”) and Roland Moore (“Humans”). Mahlon Todd Williams is attached as director of photography (“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”).



Selling over 10 million copies worldwide, Lauren Kate’s Fallen series is one of the most successful youth audience fiction works of this century, running in five engaging installments. Appealing to a dedicated global following, Silver Reel is serialising Lauren Kate’s extraordinary fantasy world for television. Inhabited by angels, demons, and monsters locked in a battle over the future of our planet, the key to victory is a young woman, Lucinda Price - who, unbeknownst to herself, is the Angel of Love. Fallen Season 1 is created as an 8 x 60 mins returnable series that draws upon source material from the first of the five books.

Credits & Cast
Showrunners Claudia Bluemhuber
Matthew Hastings
Directors Matthew Hastings
Claudia Bluemhuber
Farhad Mann
Executive Producers Claudia Bluemhuber
Matthew Hastings
Herbert Kloiber
Producers Jonathan Halperyn
Daniel Kresmery
Co-Executive Producers Florian Dargel
Alexander Jooss
Karol Griffiths
Rachel Paterson
Roland Moore
Farhad Mann
James Copp
Olivia Pahl
Co-Producers Bastien Sirodot
Cloé Garbay
Written By Rachel Paterson
Roland Moore
Development Producer Karol Griffiths