Chris is a recent divorcée, living a mansion in the mountains of Montana. When he meets the dazzling Sky in a chance encounter in the local mall, it seems love could be in the air as the two experience an immediate emotional and physical chemistry. However, after Sky’s ex-roommate is found dead, Chris has some questions. The crushing truth is quickly revealed as Sky turns out to be a gifted con-artist, who has set the whole affair up, carefully engineering their ‘incidental’ meeting. Chris is turned into a prisoner in his own home, and when his ex-wife Jamie and daughter Willow arrive at the house and are imprisoned with him, the three are faced with a stark choice – escape, or die. 

Credits & Cast
Luis Prieto
Claudia Bluemhuber
Veronika Ferres
John Malkovich
Cast & Crew
Cameron Monaghan
Frank Grillo
Lilly Krug
Sasha Luss
and John Malkovich